Pros And Cons of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Happily, an option exists for you if you want to get a customized entry door with less maintenance cost, more energy efficiency, more durability, to enhance aesthetic beauty, and long-lasting span. It is Fiberglass. Fiberglass is made from molten glass and several resin materials. Doors made of fiberglass might prove to be a reasonable and better option for you to grace the front façade of your offices, homes, halls, or any other place.

Fiberglass entry doors are super-durable. They do not rot, shrink, warp, or swell like wooden doors. They are as secure as any other type of doors. Going for a fiberglass entry door is a very concrete investment, be it aesthetically or figuratively. They also offer the look of actual wood.

You won’t regret the decision of going for fiberglass entry doors.

How Secure Are Fiberglass Entry Doors?

They are as secure as any other door when properly installed. They won’t degrade over time, unlike wooden doors. They have characteristics of dependability and solidness. They are stable, durable, and have high-impact skins. So, they provide excellent security to your home.


  • No moisture absorption: Unlike wooden doors, they do not twist or warp over time. It would neither swell because of the presence of moisture nor shrink. They do not stick in summers and allows in drafts in winters.
  • They can resist extreme fluctuations in the temperature.
  • More Energy efficient: These doors are a poor conductor of electricity and heat. They are highly weather resistant. They are even more energy-efficient than steel doors. There is a layer of insulation in fiberglass doors that does the job.
  • Fiberglass entry doors are available in a variety of ranges of colors, finishes, grains, and styles, which makes them suitable to fit in any kind of exterior of a home, office or anywhere you want to adorn the entry. They can be repainted: when you are done with the appearance of your door and want to replace it with a new color, you can customize, repaint a fiberglass door to your liking. So, it is a great option for those who love changing and playing with the appearances of their components.
  • Their wooden appearance is one of the most admirable features of fiberglass doors. One can not identify whether it is a wooden door or a fiberglass one. They just look as similar to the wooden one. So, you get a wooden looking door without the characteristics of wood.
  • Low maintenance: Fiberglass entry doors do not need much attention and maintenance. All they need is a good swipe of a damp cloth as regular cleaning. The finish would not be degraded as they do not contract and expand with the change in temperatures. They are very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easy installation: Fiberglass entry doors are way easier to install. It just requires the measurements of the door frame, then installing them onto the hinges. You just have to put the door into the frame, and the installation is done. They are pre-hung, which makes the installation very easy and quick too.
  • No rust: The material of fiberglass does not rust with time. That makes it a super long-lasting option for an entry door.


  • A pricey deal: As fiberglass possesses properties like superior insulation, versatility, durability. Fiberglass is more on the pricier side. These doors don’t always work when it comes to older homes, as they are manufactured with a frame with which the door will be attached, which means if the doorway size does not meet standard size, installing fiberglass door may need the help of a specialist.
  • They may crack: Fiberglass doors may not dent, but if hit hard, their skin can crack. Also, the peeled skin from the frame can absorb water and moisture, and results would be it may rot if not sealed timely with varnish or paint.
  • Fitting issues: Few fiberglass doors can not be trimmed at all. If the shape of the doorway is not square or linear, it may be a bit tricky to do the alterations as some fiberglass can only be trimmed along the bottom and the top.
  • Resale value: When it comes to resale the door, fiber doors do not have high resale value when compared to other types of doors such as steel. Fiberglass recoups around 77% of the value, whereas steel recoups around 90% of the value.
  • Dings and dents
    Fiberglass is prone to dings and dents. The lightweight material makes it quite easier to break through and bend in. If something struck hard on the surface, it might be a possibility to get a crack.

Fiberglass entry doors are a great option if you want a long-lasting, durable, and solid option for your entry doors unless you are bothered by the expenses, it may cost you. Also, if you prefer changing the way your entry door looks from time to time, you may go for them as it is possible to repaint, replace with new colors. If you are tired of having wooden doors, but you want your door to appear as wood but not function like it, this is your answer.

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