Awning Windows

A standard awning window is the type of window opened by pushing them away and closed by pulling those inwards. There are few which are operated with the help of hand crank. They are hinged from the upper end and lay free from the bottom side. An awning window’s essential characteristic is that it is more comprehensive than its height and can be used as a fake wall when the window is closed. They can be used as windows on walls or above doors for better ventilation or a large space to look at the beautiful view outside.

Why Choose Awning Windows?

Awning windows are best for places that experience rainfall regularly. They help to enjoy the weather and a cool breeze without the leakage of rainwater. They are an excellent fit for bathrooms or bedrooms because they make the space more safe and secure and easily fixed above the bathrooms’ sinks. They are versatile in being designed; they can be created with different patterns and grills to make the place more beautiful. It is an excellent fit for the office space since it gives high security and is energy-efficient. Employers can get them designed according to the grills and designs that suit the area.

Compare Awning Windows

Traditional Wooden Windows

There are traditional awning windows that have been used for years. We are talking about the wooden and aluminum combination for the window. This combination adds charm and style to the traditional essence. The putty characterizes these windows on the sides of the windows for extra protection. These windows are sold under a warranty period, and they are made so that they enhance the warmth and beauty of a home. A customer can always ask for a customized finish and design. It adds an essence of authenticity to the house and becomes an integral part of the home décor.

Contemporary Windows

People have become quite western when it comes to food, dresses, and now with their windows and doors. The windows and doors under the contemporary design and style add simplicity to the house that makes it a home and adds a sense of sophistication. These windows are generally fixed, and a crank is used to open them. They are placed in the parts of the house, which require ventilation. If one wants, they can get them customized and add integrated sensors to protect the home. They are designed to be light and robust, and that’s what makes it contemporary.

Vinyl Windows

The vinyl formula adds strength to the windows and is considered to be saving energy. They are popular due to two features- an energy-saving system and durability. Windows cannot be changed every month or every year. So, the best option is to invest in the long-lasting materials that save you from the regular maintenance expenditure. They are shallow maintenance windows and are available in various styles and designs. They are best suited for the changing weather and are designed to make the house soundproof to some extent so that the places in the middle of a city can enjoy their sleep in peace.

Customer Reviews

We’re proud of the work we do, and our reviews speak to the quality we deliver for every project.

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Grant R.

“Great job installing new windows. Very fair price and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Installers were excellent. Very professional, friendly and neat. The windows look great. Highly recommend New View!”

Michael S.

“We had a tremendous 5 star experience working with New View. The team was 100% transparent in providing a honest and cost efficient solution for replacing our windows. From the first consultation, the process was seamless and stayed on schedule. If you are looking to upgrade your windows, New View should be your first call. ”

Bryan K.

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