Storm Doors

Storm Doors

A storm door is another outdoor door commonly installed to protect against the worst climatic conditions and offers proper ventilation in the right weather conditions. Storm doors are mainly made up of retractable or interchangeable glass and some screen panels and are readily available in many sizes & different materials quality. Like in summer seasons, you can open the main door and allow ventilation through the storm door without letting any bugs inside the home.

Storm doors consist of three layers: front layers and back layers that make up the insulation’s interior layer and exterior skin. There are many more frames & glass styles available for storm doors in the market. Full view storm door consists of an entire panel of glass, mid-view consists of comprised of three-quarters glass, & high view consists of glass panel only in the upper half. The glass panel used in storm doors can be decorative, precise, or low E.

Why Choose Storm Doors?

A storm door typically serves for several purposes like when the weather is excellent; it facilitates you to open your entry door for additional natural light & also maximize the ventilation into your home with bug-free. The other door as a storm door can also offer protection against rain, snow, and ice; professionals correctly install them. The storm doors allow extra insulation against water and air leaks. Storm doors are capable of creating a pocket of insulation for your home to keeps cold air out and warm air in. There are extra advantages you can add to make it more functional & beautiful. Storm doors are available in many material choices such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl. They can be customized to match your home décor. You can consider climate conditions before deciding to use a storm door for your home, whether or not it makes any sense. Like your entry door regularly exposed to the climatic condition, then a screen door may be a great choice to protect your entry door.

Compare Strom Doors

Wood Storm Doors

Wood was one of the traditional and original material choices that made storm doors as we know that wooden frames are always visually appealing. They require different forms of paint or coating to protect wooden frames from outside weather. You choose a different style according to your choices, such as full-view, mid-view, or high-view pattern. The wooden storm doors become more durable and strong as the thickness increases.

Aluminum Storm Doors

The main benefit of using aluminum storm doors over wooden is aluminum’s resistance against corrosion. Aluminum storm doors need less maintenance as compared to wood. They are available at a different level of thicknesses. According to the thickness, you can accommodate glass and screen panels. The storm door made of aluminum at least cost is the thinnest.

PVC and Fiberglass Storm Doors

PVC and fiberglass material offers the most resistance from corrosion. PVC and Vinyl storm doors required an internal frame made of steel to offer extra strength to your door. At the same time, fiberglass frames are solid but comparatively more expensive. Both PVC and fiberglass doors are extremely energy-efficient by using chemicals to reduce UV rays from the sun.

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