Bow Windows


Bow Windows

A  bay window has a curved structure creating a rounded appearance on the outside of your house. These windows are also known as a “four-lite bow” or a “five-lite bow.” The window panels are called lites. These projection windows are generally found in living or dining rooms. Often people confuse these windows with the bay windows due to their size, shape, and functionality. The difference lies in the number of windows and the measurement of the angles formed by the window.

Why Choose Bow Windows?


Since bow windows are larger in size, they provide a path to more natural light to come to your room and enhance the overall atmosphere. By installing a bow window, you can completely transform the look and feel of your room. A bow window will make your room appear to be larger than it actually is. Why not add space or at least the illusion of it by using a bow window? Plus, they are energy-efficient as well. They are just the right choice when you want to add something out of the ordinary to a room.


Comparing Bow windows

Classic bow window

The classic bow windows are just the perfect pick to add more charm and class to your home and office. By bringing extra light into the home, they help in lifting up your mood. And we cannot deny the impact that natural light has on our productivity level. Can we?

Unique bow window

Want to add a different than usual touch to your home or office? Why not go for a unique bow window this time? These windows are just perfect for bringing an ambient look to your place. Get them customized based on your needs and preferences and see the magic they bring to your place.

Contemporary bow window

Contemporary bow windows are just perfect for people aspiring to bring in a royal touch to their place. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from – that you will find just the right match for your home. And of course, you can always add customization to it.


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