Let Us Introduce You To Graber Window Blinds And Shades?


Graber is a brand that is considered to be one of the finest companies when it comes to window blinds and shades. They are devoted to the details. That means each piece is crafted artfully when it comes to the highest standards. They have plenty of designs and options to choose from. They are thoughtfully designed so graber window blinds and shades would never disappoint you. It can transform the blank and dead canvas of an uncovered window into a marvelous piece of art.

Window blind

A window blind is a type of window covering. They lift up and down with a lifting mechanism or chord. Window blinds have been well-liked window treatment options for several years by n number of people all over the globe.

They come in a wide variety of materials, that too comes in different styles. So, you get a lot of options to choose from.

Window shade

Why go for Graber Blinds and Shades?

Old and trusted

For over decades, they have been providing amazing, custom-made coverings to help you design your space according to your very own choices and bring style and statement to your space.

Beauty and safety

If you want to beautify your house and wish to enhance its appeal, then you can set them up. There are several blinds at graber to choose from that complement your rooms, windows, and your entire house. So go for it.

Managed level of light

They are very helpful in managing the levels of sunlight in the house. It is one of the most effective ways to control the temperature by using Graber window blinds. And that too in a reasonable way. Added advantages.

Solution for every environment

Worry not, they work well in every environment. Their durability, versatility, life span says it all. So, you just sit back and relax. Some of them are engineered to withstand moisture too. For example: composite and faux wood blinds are durable alternatives to wood and they withstand moisture. They are not just fire and moisture resistant but also combined with modern engineering. They can withstand the highest humidity levels.

Adds insulation and rich warmth

The wood ones add a rich warmth to any space/room. They highlight natural characteristics and also add a character to your room and leaves you so satisfied.

A Safer choice for homes with pet and children

They are very easy to operate, instead of chords, it has a single, slender wand which is color coordinated with the blind. They are available with cord lift or cordless lift and these cordless options makes it a safer choice for homes with pet and children. So, no more worrying about them as they are safe too.

Solutions for every window shape

You never got the desired blinds or shades for your window?  As your window was uniquely designed by the architect of your dreams, but it failed for you because you find it hard to get the desired window shade or blind. Graber blinds and shades are here for your oh so unique designed window. A window treatment expert from the graber comes to your place to guide you and help order and size the right one for you.

Offer plenty of materials

You can always find the right one when you say yes to graber window blindsThey are crafted in a wide range of materials which include wood, vinyl, metal, aluminum, metal and what not. If your room showcases woodwork and you wish to match it with your blinds you can go for the wooden one. If your budget goes down, you can go for another option. So, you always can choose according to your type, budget, and style. Whatever suits you suits graber.

Easy maintenance

They are just not very easy to maintain but also very economical. You just need cleaning solutions and many of them just require a speedy wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust particles. When it comes to their life span, decades are the answer literally when maintained properly. They are so long-lasting that you won’t replace them until you decide to replace them for a change.

So, after knowing all these perks about them, who would not want to get their rooms to be graced with the graber window blinds and shades. Well, at least we would not. Go and get yours too before the sellers go out of stock in your desired pattern. “Hurry!”.

A Guide on Vinyl Replacement Windows in New Jersey

Vinyl replacement windows are the best options when looking for superior quality, energy-efficient and long-lasting replacement windows. The fad of vinyl replacement has taken the world with a blow with everyone switching to vinyl replacement windows in recent years. I mean they’re easy to handle, hassle-free, a cheaper alternative to wooden windows and they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at. Apart from that they are very durable, on an average vinyl replacement windows last for around 20 to 40 years depending on the quality of the product, the branding etc.

Vinyl windows which are placed in an area directly exposed to the sunlight for a significant part of the day will not last quite as long due to heat deterioration. Windows in places with warmer climates are more likely not to last quite as long, so they are much more prone to needing a regular window replacement.

Experts have the view that when it comes to buying replacement windows, vinyl windows remain the most popular choice, there are a lot of reasons as to why this statement stands true – including the basic fact that vinyl windows have an excellent energy efficiency, but their most significant advantage over the other types of windows might be the value both initially and over the long run. They are the least expensive types of windows you could find in the market. It’s safe to say that it is dirt cheap in comparison to other variables present in the window market.

Wooden Windows vs Vinyl Replacement Windows

If there is a comparison between these two vinyl replacement window will achieve victory over wooden windows any day. Wooden windows require a wood board which would further need to be polished or painted, and it is way less durable since wood gets swollen over time especially during the rainy season the chances of timber swelling up and challenging to use increases eventually. Vinyl replacement window, however, is easy to use. Vinyl windows are low maintenance, never need painting and are reasonably resistant to damage. Since the colour extends through the material rather than just sitting on the surface, scratches won’t be as apparent as with some other materials. Vinyl windows are one of the cheapest kind of windows that are available in the market. The shops for vinyl replacement windows in New Jersey are on the top of their game when it comes to pricing, durability and the authenticity of the product. Prices are extensively cheap per replacement window, and vary depending on size, construction quality, frame style, glass (double- or triple-paned, for example) and other features, plus installation if you don’t plan on taking up the project for yourself. While cost is a significant influencer on why so many homeowners opt for vinyl when buying replacement windows, there are other positives that are important as well.

The Disadvantages

As it is with everything else, the vinyl windows also have their fair share of disadvantages. Because of the fact that vinyl isn’t as durable as other materials, the frames must be made thicker than with different types of windows, which will cut down on the glass area. Vinyl windows are generally durable, but the home renovation experts are dealing with these caution that vinyl windows expand and contract much more in comparison to the other types. This could highly reduce the thermal efficiency of your windows if some essential maintenance is not done from time to time. People living in harsh and variable climates better stick with the best kind of vinyl replacement windows that are available in the market.

Other Features of Vinyl Replacement Windows

The best thing about these replacement windows is the availability of colours. These replacement windows come in a wide range of interior and exterior colours and can be ordered with an interior wood veneer that can be painted or stained. However, be aware that vinyl itself can’t be painted very easily, and that colours, especially dark ones, can fade over the years. The companies dealing with vinyl replacement windows in New Jersey has the most extensive colour palette that could be present with any company in any city whatsoever.

Vinyl windows are made out of a ubiquitous and readily available plastic, PVC or polymerised vinyl chloride. Even though such replacement windows are very recent, they have shown their mark in the window business, garnering the same amount of fan base that the wooden windows have had for a long time. Initially available only in the colour white, it has grown over time to come in all different types of shades. Their affordability is the major plus point that they have in their favour, saving its place in being at one of the tops of the game. They require absolutely no maintenance, so regular scraping or painting required. Still, it has a long way to go in comparison to the wooden windows. The competition is so close that it eventually just comes down to the personal preference of the individual while selecting the window types.

Retractable Phantom Screens-The Best way for Shielding

In earlier days there was something called the “Mosquito Net”. The purpose of a retractable screen is the same as an insect net upgraded with better features. A retractable screen can be rolled in and rolled out horizontally and hinged easily to a door or a window. Vertical pull-down screen doors are also available. These can be operated manually or in a motorized way. The installation of these protective covers is made easy by trained experts. 

Phantom screens efficiently do the goodness of these screens. There are plenty of well-known retractable screen providers put up in North America. They have various types of filters made explicitly for insect protection, strong winds, and solar shading. We can choose the provider who has excellent customer feedback and premium quality of products.

A retractable screen door can be chosen accordingly to our requirements, i.e. household needs, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, and so forth. We mainly get to see these retractable screens in the patio area of hotel rooms where the crawling insects and mosquitoes are predominantly found. With the help of retractable phantom screens, this can be solved! The earthy breeze can be enjoyed without any hassle as this lets in the fresh air inside our living space and also protects the indoors from dust and such particles.

How to Opt For a Retractable Screen Suitably For Your Space?

Select a closure method: There are two closure methods that phantom provides, namely, Magnetic locking system and latch and release handlebar system. Both are equally good and got their advantage. People generally prefer the latch handle because we feel more secure, and there is privacy.

The screen is made to fit precisely with your door size! Isn’t that great? Yes, we can customize the size of the retractable phantom screen doors according to the size of the door. Maximum sizes are described in a table format mentioning the exact units. You can add a retractable screen to a single door or a double door.

The texture of the screen can be chosen, ranging from wooden types to fiber types. Under wooden types, there are various wood grain finishes which you can select.

Aluminium screen doors are also available. Storm doors are preferred if your area is too windy.

We can customize colors for the screen according to our interiors. There are ten default colors which they offer. But other than that, if we need to make it look presentable and also when not in use to make it disappear, we can choose the apt color!

Choose an appropriate mesh from three types

  • Insect mesh: Helps in keeping away the bugs and worms. This option would be good if kids are staying in a home as this keeps them safe from any dangerous bugs.
  • Solar mesh: This controls the amount of sunlight getting into your space and keeps the inside cosy.
  • Privacy mesh: This helps in maintaining privacy as the name says. This mesh could be used in hotels, especially in private cottages and the like.

The lighter the fabric better, the air circulation will be! The more the mesh gets thick, the amount of air entering your living area will reduce. So, choose the mesh wisely.

Lastly, just call if there are any technical issues and they will be at your doorstep to do the needful.

You can get the cost involved by sending them your zip code, and they present to you the exact pricing involved for the installation and the product.

What if you have French windows in your house?

Phantom screens are available even for French windows and doors which operate either by sliding back and forth or works like blind curtains which you can lift and open.

Advantages of Retractable Phantom Screens Over Normal Doors:

Apart from providing sufficient lighting and airflow, it keeps insects and bugs away from your living area.

The heat inside the living space is considerably bought down while keeping your home area not confined and gives you an airy feel too.

The product is highly versatile; numerous choices are available to go along with your taste. Designs, colors, and modulation available for houses, hotels, and hospitals tailored to your needs! 

High life and performance are other key aspects of this product. Thus its pocket-friendly in the long run and does its job efficiently, being low profile and sleek at the same time. Unfortunately, if any damage happens, it can be repaired by a click or a call to the nearest service center.

Security is an important factor for the retractable phantom doors as they provide the best of quality mesh to do the job right.

The product called retractable phantom doors is the future for a safe and secure house over the normal doors and also overcomes the issues of mosquito nets which were used in earlier days.

Pros And Cons of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Happily, an option exists for you if you want to get a customized entry door with less maintenance cost, more energy efficiency, more durability, to enhance aesthetic beauty, and long-lasting span. It is Fiberglass. Fiberglass is made from molten glass and several resin materials. Doors made of fiberglass might prove to be a reasonable and better option for you to grace the front façade of your offices, homes, halls, or any other place.

Fiberglass entry doors are super-durable. They do not rot, shrink, warp, or swell like wooden doors. They are as secure as any other type of doors. Going for a fiberglass entry door is a very concrete investment, be it aesthetically or figuratively. They also offer the look of actual wood.

You won’t regret the decision of going for fiberglass entry doors.

How Secure Are Fiberglass Entry Doors?

They are as secure as any other door when properly installed. They won’t degrade over time, unlike wooden doors. They have characteristics of dependability and solidness. They are stable, durable, and have high-impact skins. So, they provide excellent security to your home.


  • No moisture absorption: Unlike wooden doors, they do not twist or warp over time. It would neither swell because of the presence of moisture nor shrink. They do not stick in summers and allows in drafts in winters.
  • They can resist extreme fluctuations in the temperature.
  • More Energy efficient: These doors are a poor conductor of electricity and heat. They are highly weather resistant. They are even more energy-efficient than steel doors. There is a layer of insulation in fiberglass doors that does the job.
  • Fiberglass entry doors are available in a variety of ranges of colors, finishes, grains, and styles, which makes them suitable to fit in any kind of exterior of a home, office or anywhere you want to adorn the entry. They can be repainted: when you are done with the appearance of your door and want to replace it with a new color, you can customize, repaint a fiberglass door to your liking. So, it is a great option for those who love changing and playing with the appearances of their components.
  • Their wooden appearance is one of the most admirable features of fiberglass doors. One can not identify whether it is a wooden door or a fiberglass one. They just look as similar to the wooden one. So, you get a wooden looking door without the characteristics of wood.
  • Low maintenance: Fiberglass entry doors do not need much attention and maintenance. All they need is a good swipe of a damp cloth as regular cleaning. The finish would not be degraded as they do not contract and expand with the change in temperatures. They are very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easy installation: Fiberglass entry doors are way easier to install. It just requires the measurements of the door frame, then installing them onto the hinges. You just have to put the door into the frame, and the installation is done. They are pre-hung, which makes the installation very easy and quick too.
  • No rust: The material of fiberglass does not rust with time. That makes it a super long-lasting option for an entry door.


  • A pricey deal: As fiberglass possesses properties like superior insulation, versatility, durability. Fiberglass is more on the pricier side. These doors don’t always work when it comes to older homes, as they are manufactured with a frame with which the door will be attached, which means if the doorway size does not meet standard size, installing fiberglass door may need the help of a specialist.
  • They may crack: Fiberglass doors may not dent, but if hit hard, their skin can crack. Also, the peeled skin from the frame can absorb water and moisture, and results would be it may rot if not sealed timely with varnish or paint.
  • Fitting issues: Few fiberglass doors can not be trimmed at all. If the shape of the doorway is not square or linear, it may be a bit tricky to do the alterations as some fiberglass can only be trimmed along the bottom and the top.
  • Resale value: When it comes to resale the door, fiber doors do not have high resale value when compared to other types of doors such as steel. Fiberglass recoups around 77% of the value, whereas steel recoups around 90% of the value.
  • Dings and dents
    Fiberglass is prone to dings and dents. The lightweight material makes it quite easier to break through and bend in. If something struck hard on the surface, it might be a possibility to get a crack.

Fiberglass entry doors are a great option if you want a long-lasting, durable, and solid option for your entry doors unless you are bothered by the expenses, it may cost you. Also, if you prefer changing the way your entry door looks from time to time, you may go for them as it is possible to repaint, replace with new colors. If you are tired of having wooden doors, but you want your door to appear as wood but not function like it, this is your answer.