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Does your entry door do the same visual thinking that you want? Our fiberglass double entry doors, which are prepared, withstand the rough climate of New Jersey. New View windows and doors offer perfectly complement the requirement of any homeowner, such as heavy-duty security doors to classic, modern & custom door features.

At New View, we believe in offering personalized & attentive services with the best quality double entry doors, including installation in NJ. Our expert fiberglass double entry door installers start by understating homeowner requirements and then avail your perfect solution.

Fiberglass & steel double entry doors are known for their sustainability & are remarkably durable. New View Windows & Doors offers one of the best & largest collections of these extremely durable fiberglass double entry doors in North Jersey.

Why Choose Double Entry Doors?

The double entry doors bring curb appeal & balance to a house. They also maintain balance when planned to attract with the windows design & front façade design. People who visited you would likely want to take entry through your double entry doors, rather than a carport or side door.

Double entry doors offer significantly change the appearance of your house, both exterior and interior. When you are planning to remodel your home, install a double entry door in place of a normal entry door.

Even though a single entry door looks incredibly good, but double entry door has many positive advantages such as double entry doors bring stylish and modern appeal & balance, varieties of styles, size, and colors are available.

The double entry door has a large frame opening, which is more beneficial when you have to move large furniture from your house. Glass double entry door offers a lot of pleasant views and natural light, which is more energy-efficient.

Compare Double Entry Doors

Traditional Natural Wooden Door

A traditional authentic & high-end woodgrain double entry door proves to be the best material choice. Solid wood double entry doors rank best in terms of revisiting wear & tear tests. As we know, wooden is the least dented & scratches repair. However, traditional wooden doors require regular maintenance, such as painting and varnishing. One drawback is there in traditional wooden double entry doors are they termites & easily moisturize. Although wooden doors are less-expensive, they offer a wide range of wood species.

Fiberglass Double Entry Doors

Fiberglass double entry doors are used for the front entry door. Fiberglass attains properties such as resists wear & tear with minimal deterioration from the external environment such as sun, termites, and moisture than wooden doors. One disadvantage with fiberglass material is that they can crack under extreme impact.

Apart from drawbacks, fiberglass doors are very popular. Its moderate price range, easy dent-resistance, and less maintenance make the material a more attractive choice for clients. There are two options for clients: textured fiberglass and smooth-skinned fiberglass. Textured fiberglass, you can achieve a like wooden look for your entry door. Smooth skinned fiberglass prefers a flat surface without any texture.

Steel Double Entry Door

Steel double entry doors cover half the market in popularity. They are inexpensive weather-resistance and more secure than others. Steel double doors are less expensive as compared to fiberglass or wooden, which easily draws client attention to this option. Steel double entry doors are also available with energy efficiency by including glass windows in the lower part of the door.

However, steel doors required little maintenance because dents on steel doors are very difficult to repair. To make it more protected from rust and stretches, we need to treat the door.

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Customer Reviews

We’re proud of the work we do, and our reviews speak to the quality we deliver for every project.

“Great job installing new windows. Very fair price and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Installers were excellent. Very professional, friendly and neat. The windows look great. Highly recommend New View!”

Michael S.

“We had a tremendous 5 star experience working with New View. The team was 100% transparent in providing a honest and cost efficient solution for replacing our windows. From the first consultation, the process was seamless and stayed on schedule. If you are looking to upgrade your windows, New View should be your first call. ”

Bryan K.

“My wife and I worked with New View to install new doors as well as blinds for our condo. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work, their responsiveness, and professionalism. The entire process was easy and they made a tough decision into a no-brainer. We would recommend them to anyone looking into new windows or doors.”

Grant R.

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