Bay Windows


Bay Windows

Bay windows are basically three windows clubbed together to form a larger window. These are generally set at angles that protrude from the house. The most commonly used angles are 30 and 45 degrees. These windows provide the home with added light, a better view of the outside, and adds an amazing look to your home. If you have been planning to install or replace a window in your home, going for a bay window is just the best choice you can make.

Benefits of Bay Windows


Bay windows are the best choice when it comes to adding more functionality along with an extra dimension to your home. These windows’ area juts out from the wall, offering you more physical space. Bay windows are amongst the most versatile window types – they make a classy addition to virtually any home. Due to their huge size, they will fill your space with plenty of natural light. Also, we cannot neglect the mental benefits associated with getting natural daylight at your home and office. These comprise of side windows that can open up and allow fresh air to come in.


Compare Bay Windows

Box bay window

The box bay windows form a 90-degree angle to take the shape of a box. These include a large panel with two smaller panels on either side, often with a sitting area in the middle. These type of bay windows are a more economical choice when compared to other types.

Bow bay window

Bow bay windows are curved, and they stick out from the wall of your house. These windows are specifically designed to create space from the interior by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building. These type of bay windows can be found on any level of a building forming an outward curve.

Oriel bay window

The oriel bay windows are opted to increase the size of a room while making optimum use of a restricted site. These bay windows project from the upper floors of a house and take the support of brackets or corbels. They are best when the street has a stunning view.


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