In earlier days there was something called the “Mosquito Net”. The purpose of a retractable screen is the same as an insect net upgraded with better features. A retractable screen can be rolled in and rolled out horizontally and hinged easily to a door or a window. Vertical pull-down screen doors are also available. These can be operated manually or in a motorized way. The installation of these protective covers is made easy by trained experts. 

Phantom screens efficiently do the goodness of these screens. There are plenty of well-known retractable screen providers put up in North America. They have various types of filters made explicitly for insect protection, strong winds, and solar shading. We can choose the provider who has excellent customer feedback and premium quality of products.

A retractable screen door can be chosen accordingly to our requirements, i.e. household needs, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, and so forth. We mainly get to see these retractable screens in the patio area of hotel rooms where the crawling insects and mosquitoes are predominantly found. With the help of retractable phantom screens, this can be solved! The earthy breeze can be enjoyed without any hassle as this lets in the fresh air inside our living space and also protects the indoors from dust and such particles.

How to Opt For a Retractable Screen Suitably For Your Space?

Select a closure method: There are two closure methods that phantom provides, namely, Magnetic locking system and latch and release handlebar system. Both are equally good and got their advantage. People generally prefer the latch handle because we feel more secure, and there is privacy.

The screen is made to fit precisely with your door size! Isn’t that great? Yes, we can customize the size of the retractable phantom screen doors according to the size of the door. Maximum sizes are described in a table format mentioning the exact units. You can add a retractable screen to a single door or a double door.

The texture of the screen can be chosen, ranging from wooden types to fiber types. Under wooden types, there are various wood grain finishes which you can select.

Aluminium screen doors are also available. Storm doors are preferred if your area is too windy.

We can customize colors for the screen according to our interiors. There are ten default colors which they offer. But other than that, if we need to make it look presentable and also when not in use to make it disappear, we can choose the apt color!

Choose an appropriate mesh from three types

  • Insect mesh: Helps in keeping away the bugs and worms. This option would be good if kids are staying in a home as this keeps them safe from any dangerous bugs.
  • Solar mesh: This controls the amount of sunlight getting into your space and keeps the inside cosy.
  • Privacy mesh: This helps in maintaining privacy as the name says. This mesh could be used in hotels, especially in private cottages and the like.

The lighter the fabric better, the air circulation will be! The more the mesh gets thick, the amount of air entering your living area will reduce. So, choose the mesh wisely.

Lastly, just call if there are any technical issues and they will be at your doorstep to do the needful.

You can get the cost involved by sending them your zip code, and they present to you the exact pricing involved for the installation and the product.

What if you have French windows in your house?

Phantom screens are available even for French windows and doors which operate either by sliding back and forth or works like blind curtains which you can lift and open.

Advantages of Retractable Phantom Screens Over Normal Doors:

Apart from providing sufficient lighting and airflow, it keeps insects and bugs away from your living area.

The heat inside the living space is considerably bought down while keeping your home area not confined and gives you an airy feel too.

The product is highly versatile; numerous choices are available to go along with your taste. Designs, colors, and modulation available for houses, hotels, and hospitals tailored to your needs! 

High life and performance are other key aspects of this product. Thus its pocket-friendly in the long run and does its job efficiently, being low profile and sleek at the same time. Unfortunately, if any damage happens, it can be repaired by a click or a call to the nearest service center.

Security is an important factor for the retractable phantom doors as they provide the best of quality mesh to do the job right.

The product called retractable phantom doors is the future for a safe and secure house over the normal doors and also overcomes the issues of mosquito nets which were used in earlier days.

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