Decorative Glass for Entry Doors

Decorative Glass

Decorative glasses are mainly designed to look pretty. They are also known as decorative glass. Everyone might easily recognize the decorative glass as they are colored or textured glass, frosted in wooden doors. Stained glass is also one of the kinds of decorative glass. The decorative glass’s primary use can range from unique doors, stairways & rails to enhance the beauty of tables & walls. New View offers a wide range of decorative glass for your house at an affordable price.

Why Choose Decorative Glass?

Decorative glass panels are an attractive and effective way to protect your privacy and add a contemporary effect to your home. Decorative glasses are incredibly popular among the commercial space to add a tremendous appealing impact to your company. The decorative glass comes in a wide range, such as painted glass, frosted glass, textured glass, and many more. You can choose according to your need.

Painted glasses are tough, safe, hygienic, durable, and incredibly stylish. Decorative glass is popularly used as decorative windows or shop fronts, decorative stairs & floors, decorative painted glass splashbacks, and frosted glass balustrades

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Textured Decorative Glass

Decorative glasses are those whose upper surface has been imprinted with some texture or pattern at high degree temperature. They are also known as obscure glass. These glasses are opaque; they block complete vision through the glass when letting light in. They come in different varieties of decorative glass. For interior applications, decorative glasses are used for shower, room partitions, cabinet doors, sidelight area, and tub enclosures, shelves, and more. For exterior application involves privacy windows, patio tabletops, and exit doors.

Painted Decorative Glass

They painted decorative glass, one of the cheapest and cost-effective glass types to decorate your home. Painted glass uses a coating applied over the plain glass that completely covers the glass surface. They are available in metallic and solid colors. The applications of painted glass are spandrel, furniture, and wall cladding. The coating offers glass strength and extra life.

Frosted Decorative Glass

Frosted decorative glasses are trendy to achieve privacy by creating a decorative pattern on plain glass using simple wax or suitable type of inhibitors to minimize the transparent areas. The generic term frosted glasses are used for a cosmetic, translucent mirror that blocks visibility through the glass. Frosted glass is used in light bulbs to distribute light across the area evenly.

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