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The good times continue to roll in the remodeling industry. We’ve had a great run over multiple years. We can all agree we hope it continues for years to come. But while we celebrate the good times, are we also focused on finding ways to create lasting value for your customers and your company? Sometimes [...]

2019 Home Builder Forecast

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As we approach the close of 2018, many are looking for what’s new and what’s next on the home front. In 2019, we’ll see several home styles with staying power, a few fresh designs that are sure to dominate, plus a brand-new generation of homebuyers now on deck. Here are six of the biggest home [...]

Now is the time to Winter Proof your Windows!

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With winter in full-swing, energy loss caused by drafty windows is a common problem. The best solution is to replace your old windows. But if that is not in the budget at the time, there are several fixes you can apply  to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible and save money on your [...]

A New Entry Door can help sell your home!

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An entry door can be the first impression a potential buyers has of your home, and when selling your home, that first impression can make or break the sale. The curb appeal your home projects is the very first and most important step in making a positive impression on the potential buyer of your home. [...]

New View Named one of Remodeling Magazines Big 50!

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New View is proud to announce it was named one of Remodeling Magazines BIG 50 Companies for 2018.  Below is an excerpt from the article featured in the August edition of the magazine. For Tim Maloney, Owner of New View Windows and Doors, the measure of his success is more about his online reviews than [...]

New View Now Installs Graber Window treatments

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Let your windows stands out with new Graber shades, blinds and shutters! Even simple windows can look luxurious with the right treatment. Graber offers window treatment solutions that can enhance your windows and add beauty to existing décor. Take a look at the products we have on offer and choose according to your style preferences: [...]

Simple Steps to Maintaining Your Exterior Doors

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Doors are one of the most important elements in any house.  They provide security and are  often the first impression a visitor has of your home.  Keeping your doors cleaned and maintained properly are very important. Cleaning Exterior Doors It is recommended that you clean the exterior doors at least twice a year on both [...]

How to Choose Doors & Windows for Your Home Design.

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There are many people that upgrade or modify the existing look of their homes at least once every year or, renovating to better enhance their home design. Often times, they work in coordination with interior designers or contractors to get the best result, but this can be  costly. One of the best ways to upgrade [...]

How to Maintain Your Windows

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The key to having a clean house is to clean out every crook and corner, including the windows. Having well maintained windows can do wonders to improve the appearance of your home.  Windows are  an extremely important part of a home.  They offer privacy and security, while giving you the luxury to play with the [...]

How Useful are Phantom Screen Doors for your home?

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Why should you choose a Phantom screen door? For starters, the company is only focused on retractable screens. That would mean their products are top-notch. Why else would they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their parts? They are also the largest authorized distributor network in North America. Enough talk about the company. What about [...]