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Graber Window Blinds, Shades and Shutters That Fit Every Lifestyle

We provide you with the best blinds, shutters, and shades there is. Our products scream of sheer brilliance, unique designs, complete functionality, complete satisfaction, and also utmost privacy. These blinds, shutters, and shades are so designed that the privacy of your house where they will be used is enhanced. And when we say we are technologically advanced, means we are technologically advanced. We used motorized power with high tech, easy and affordable remotes that control the blinds, shutters, and shades used and installed on the windows. Graber is one of the leading producers of blinds, shutters, and shades, and they are the leading innovators in this industry.

Why Should You Choose Graber Blinds and Shades?

Here’s Why:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – This initiative makes sure that the warranty of your products stay for a long time, and the quality doesn’t get hampered with age. Warranty age is of 3 years for the shades and blinds, whereas it is of 5 years for the motorized equipment.
  • Energy Efficient –Other than beauty, blinds, shutters, and shades of Graber also are designed in such a way that they protect you from the glare of the sun and harmful UV rays while making the house and the room, energy efficient.
  • Earth Friendly –We don’t at all compromise and leave no stones unturned when it comes to protecting the environment. We try to recycle, conserve, and use the sourcing and packaging to the minimum and of biodegradable substances. We always keep ourselves in check.
  • Remote Control –In this day and age of development, everybody wants to use such things that are convenient and in style. With that in mind, we designed such a remote for the comfort and the peace of mind. It is also available in cordless.

Blinds: We give you a wide range of, precise light controlling blinds, which are easy to operate. We provide you with a wide range of designs that not only will match your décor but also will be using different materials for a rustic feel, like wood, or for durability, like aluminum or vinyl. Types of Blinds:

  • Wood Blinds, add a very rustic sense of style to the rooms it is installed in, along with the required amount of insulation and warmth. The wood is responsibly sourced in an earth-friendly manner.
  • Composite and Faux Wood Blinds, are pseudo wood blinds that look and feel just like wood but are made up of PVC that are anti-inflammable and are capable of tolerating moisture.
  • Vertical Blinds, as the name suggests, means that the blinds and the panels will be vertically placed. These kinds of blinds are generally used for patio doors or wide windows for better coverage.
  • Vinyl Blinds are an alternative that is cheaper and easily available because of its ease of maintenance. They require light controls and are very easily operated with the availability of many options.
  • Aluminum Blinds, are used when you want durability, sturdiness, and strength in the blinds, and the other aspects take a back seat. These are budget friendly and easily maintained.

Shutters: Preferred by a lot of people and it won’t disappoint you at all. Our shutters are so tastefully made that you will be surprised how clean and amazing your space looks after you install them. We assure you the quality of the shutters, and no peels or cracking of the material will take place. The timelessness of shutters is something that is still aspired by many and talked about. Our shutters are so carefully crafted and designed that you will be surprised by the dramatic appeal it gives to your house.  Types of Shutters available to you:

  • Wood Shutters are the ones where we use the North American Hardwood, which gives the rooms and the windows a sense of appeal and style with premium quality.
  • Composite Shutters, wear over time and aren’t suggested, but it does resist moisture and is an alternative to wood.

Add style with Graber Blinds

Control the amount of heat and light entering your home with blinds that boast form and beauty from Graber. We offer a range of stylish blinds that are considered the gold standard in the industry.

Wooden blinds don’t have to be expensive or difficult to maintain. Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds look and feel authentic without retaining moisture. The blinds are easy to clean and are a practical alternative that can last years. We also offer rustic wooden blinds that can retain any paint or stain job for a rustic addition.

For flexible and versatile solutions, Graber’s horizontal blinds will not disappoint. These are available in a wide range of colors and designs that can suit any lifestyle. For extra depth, length and dimension, choose Graber Vertical Blinds.

Add Elegant and Subtle Elements with Graber Shutters

If you prefer subtle shades that add elegance to a room, Graber’s shutters will not disappoint. We offer two varieties that are cost effective and airier alternatives to heavy fabric drapery. These include composite and wood that can add style to any room.

Our composite blinds are designed to resist peeling and cracking and our wood shutters are made exclusively from North American hardwood. These are resistant to fading and can add character to any room in your home. Our composite shutters are available in a wide range of paint colors which you can choose according to your taste and décor preferences.

Adding character to a room does not have to be expensive. Graber’s Composite Shutters are made to last for years and add an elegant element in a range of colors. For the discerning home owner we present our Wood Shutters that are made from North American hardwood. Each shutter can be customized according to paints, stains and required upgrades.

Graber Blinds for New Jersey

New View Windows and Doors services the greater New Jersey area including Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Union, Hudson and Middlesex counties. We have been providing service with a smile for over 50 years with consistent, excellent results while offering quality solutions.

All the products we offer are custom fit, and will be installed by our licensed, professional, and experienced technicians. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, we are able to provide homeowners additional peace of mind knowing they can count on a quality product.

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