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Entry Door

Doors are the basic entry and exit point of a house. It is the mainframe, the main object that a person sees the moment he wants to get into a house. It leaves the first and the last impression upon the people and the house they are living in. Hence, we do not take the doors and their installation lightly. After many years of analyzing and searching, renovating homes and apartments, we now procure and give you the best choices of doors you will ever need to see. The types of materials and the components we provide and the choices among them are given below with their descriptions:

  • Wood – These types of doors are the strongest of the lot. They are among the most primitive, the most decorative and also the most aesthetic choice out of all the other options given here. Wooden doors provide homes with an elegant rustic choice that hardly any other material can provide you with. Another benefit is that wood can be painted or stained to match the décor or color, or design of your homes so that harmony of the aesthetics are maintained. And we also specially design custom made wooden doors for your satisfaction.


  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass is the cheaper and more durable alternative to any other material. It adds the strength required by a front door, and also it is one of the strongest materials that is used for windows and doors alike. Also, the most amount of order we get is for installing the fiberglass doors because of their sheer longevity and practicality. It’s a great performer in all ways of life and a great option to go by.


  • Steel – The strongest martial by far, steel adds up and makes up much more in strength than it does in the other categories. Steel is the strongest material by far, and that is needed and required by a front door. It is most commonly used as along with its cheapness; no other material can match its strength and hence provides a very durable and reliable entry point for a home. Another benefit of choosing steel is its longevity and ease of maintenance. Steel is very easy to maintain as it doesn’t have any fuss to go about it, yet staying strong for several years. 


  • Vinyl – Vinyl is generally used more or less for patio doors or doors outside the homes in the lawn or some other establishment and not as entry points for a house. Hence we generally have a lot of options for vinyl patio doors that are very much energy efficient and also are available in a lot many different colors and designs to increase the plethora of options you have.


  • Hardware and the Finishing Touches – There are the options we give you under the hardware and the finishing sections. These include attractive metallic designs, amazing colors, beautiful doorknobs, and even pet doors. These are also very innovative and gorgeous to look at.

And, now, onto the types and varieties of doors, we offer a selection to you are the following given below,

  • Single Entry Doors
  • Double Entry Doors
  • Decorative Glass & Side Lights
  • Specialty Shapes & Styles
  • Hinged Swing Patio Doors
  • Gliding & Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Screen & Storm

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