Storm Windows, How to Decide If You Need Them?

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For those who haven’t yet heard of ‘storm windows’, they basically serve as an easy and economical way of enhancing the efficiency of your aging, single-pane windows. A storm window is mounted as an additional window onto the exterior, and helps in minimizing the flow of external wind into the home. In addition to this, [...]

What You Should Know About Storm Doors

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While your home's exterior may do a good job of protecting your family against the elements, it is not infallible. Powerful storms and extreme climatic conditions can cause wear and tear on the door,   affecting its overall performance and comprising your safety.   The good news is that you can weatherproof your home, and when [...]

Improving Indoor Air Quality In Your Home or Apartment

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If you spent a lot of time indoors this winter because of the cold, snowy and frigid weather, you may have noticed more frequent sniffles and itchy eyes than in the warmer months. By keeping windows and doors closed in relatively small spaces such as apartments and condos, indoor allergens are locked in and have [...]

Single, double, or triple pane?

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If your house is colder inside than outside, your windows may be to blame.  Not only do single-pane windows make your house colder, but they can also cost you more money.   Double-paned windows can reduce your energy costs by up to 24% in the winter, and 18% in the summer. Moreover, you could save from [...]

How to fix condensation in your windows…

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What is condensation, you ask?  It is humidity.  Humidity is an invisible gas.  When this  moisture in your home tries to escape to drier air outside, it is what scientists call “vapor pressure,”  and it can result in damage to wood, plastic, brick, and even cement.    It can stain woodwork, or in serious cases even [...]

Tips to keep your home warm this winter

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Even though you may have good energy-efficient windows, there are still tips you can use to keep your home warm and saving energy this winter. One thing you can do is tape a clear plastic sheet over your windows to keep the cold outside.  You can also install tight-fitting drapes or shades to your windows.  [...]

Winterize your windows!

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With winter in full-swing, energy loss caused by drafty windows is a common problem.  The best solution is to replace your old windows. But luckily, there are several fixes you can apply in the meantime to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible and save money on your heating bill.  These fixes are part of [...]