2019 Home Builder Forecast

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As we approach the close of 2018, many are looking for what’s new and what’s next on the home front. In 2019, we’ll see several home styles with staying power, a few fresh designs that are sure to dominate, plus a brand-new generation of homebuyers now on deck. Here are six of the biggest home [...]

A New Entry Door can help sell your home!

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An entry door can be the first impression a potential buyers has of your home, and when selling your home, that first impression can make or break the sale. The curb appeal your home projects is the very first and most important step in making a positive impression on the potential buyer of your home. [...]

New View Named one of Remodeling Magazines Big 50!

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New View is proud to announce it was named one of Remodeling Magazines BIG 50 Companies for 2018.  Below is an excerpt from the article featured in the August edition of the magazine. For Tim Maloney, Owner of New View Windows and Doors, the measure of his success is more about his online reviews than [...]

Steps you can take to ensure your home sales agreement won’t fall through

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Whether you’re looking to buy a home or selling one, the thought of the house falling into the failed sales category is heart wrenching. Whether a rejected mortgage, a low appraisal or failed home inspection, these nightmarish reasons are more likely and frequent reasons for a stop to be issued on a house sale. Regardless [...]

How to Find a Qualified Contractor.

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With many people being able to easily buy advertising on Google, Facebook, and other media sources it might be hard to find a reliable contractor. We will be going over a few ways to find a few contractors that are worthy to remodel your home. Know Your Code Call the city building department and find [...]

Factors to Consider When Replacing your Front Door.

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One of the smartest things you can do to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house is to replace your front door.  Though you may not realize it, the front door of your house plays a significant role in determining the overall value of your home.  When replacing your front door, there are a number [...]

Replace Siding to Increase Home Value.

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New siding increases the appeal of your home.   Wood tends to be prone to damage, and there is only so much that a fresh coat of paint can do. Consider getting your wood siding replaced.  A new siding boosts curb appeal, and can add thousands of dollars to your home value while your investment [...]

How to sell your home faster with new doors and windows

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Invest in energy efficiency Getting ready to sell your home?  Today the keyword in all homes is energy efficiency. It has been estimated by the US Department of Energy that up to 40% of the heat produced indoors escapes outside through doors and windows. And so it greatly makes sense to replace the existing windows [...]

Remodeling Trends for the Back of Your Home!

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Summer is here and that means it is time for BBQs! More and more homeowners are looking remodel their homes, allowing for easier access to their backyard, and of course, their grill. In fact, this trend has been so substantial that a survey conducted by market research firm Principia has predicted a 7% increase in window and door [...]

Improving Indoor Air Quality In Your Home or Apartment

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If you spent a lot of time indoors this winter because of the cold, snowy and frigid weather, you may have noticed more frequent sniffles and itchy eyes than in the warmer months. By keeping windows and doors closed in relatively small spaces such as apartments and condos, indoor allergens are locked in and have [...]