Replace Siding to Increase Home Value.

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New siding increases the appeal of your home.   Wood tends to be prone to damage, and there is only so much that a fresh coat of paint can do. Consider getting your wood siding replaced.  A new siding boosts curb appeal, and can add thousands of dollars to your home value while your investment [...]

How Safe are Modern, High-Security Doors?

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In August 2016, a man in Springfield, Missouri walked to his neighbor’s front door, said “Siri, unlock the front door”, and it opened – it was as simple as that. The owner had installed a ‘high-security’ system for his ‘smart’ home, and an iPad was present to listen to and activate voice commands. The problem [...]

How to Burglary Proof your home

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Burglaries are a big concern for homeowners across the country, but, ironically, most homeowners don’t know how important burglarproofing their home is until it is too late. Homeowners are always researching effective ways to keep their house and belongings safe from theft. Undoubtedly, an alarm system is a necessity. Studies have shown that most burglars [...]

Add Curb Appeal To Your Home With A New Entry Door

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With summer coming to an end and the cooler fall and winter months on the horizon, homeowners will start looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient, and at the same time, add curb appeal. Your front entry door, existing windows and trim, and siding and shutters make a statement about your home [...]

Countless Design Possibilities with Vinyl Windows and Doors

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Vinyl windows and doors can be custom made with options and accessories to offer classic, contemporary, colonial, or any other look. With so many options and accessories, vinyl is a very popular choice for new construction and retrofit renovation.   White and neutral colors are a classic choice for windows and doors. They complement the [...]

Benefits of Phantom Screen Doors Over Regular Screen Doors

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Conventional insect screens compromise the integrity of a building’s design, block views, diminish natural daylight, and make routine window cleaning difficult. Phantom Screens offer retractable screens for doors, windows, and large openings, such as patios and porches, that overcome these limitations. They are in place when required, and retract out of sight when not in [...]

Why You Need to Know About Energy Star for Your Home’s Windows

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Why You Need to Know About Energy Star for Your Home's Windows. More than 25 per cent of heat loss in a home occurs through the windows. The resultant increase in heating costs needs to be combated through appropriate solutions. Most popular among them is Energy Star. What is Energy Star? Energy star is a [...]

What You Should Know About Storm Doors

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While your home's exterior may do a good job of protecting your family against the elements, it is not infallible. Powerful storms and extreme climatic conditions can cause wear and tear on the door,   affecting its overall performance and comprising your safety.   The good news is that you can weatherproof your home, and when [...]

Bow vs. Bay Windows

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When the time comes to replace the windows in your home, why stick to the beaten path? Why not make a style statement with bow or bay windows? Either style could suit your home and make a dramatic difference and add curb appeal. Read on to know more about the similarities and differences between them. [...]

What Components Make a Door Durable?

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What Components Make a Door Durable? We cannot stress enough the significance of doors in our homes. However, both time and weather conditions may take a toll on their quality and performance. The harsh winter, the sweltering summers, the torrential rains and winds might damage your doors considerably over time.  When purchasing doors for your [...]