New View is proud to announce it was named one of Remodeling Magazines BIG 50 Companies for 2018.  Below is an excerpt from the article featured in the August edition of the magazine.

For Tim Maloney, Owner of New View Windows and Doors, the measure of his success is more about his online reviews than his sales volume.

You see, early in his window-replacement career, Maloney learned how not to do business through poor customer service, high-pressure sales, and low-morale workers. “I worked for the kind of contractor that no one wants in their home,” says Maloney, managing member of New View Window & Doors. “You name something that’s bad and they did it.”

The answer was creating a positive experience for both customers and employees.

On the employee side, Maloney has invested in technology to systemize the sales approach from first phone call to last. He also instituted an electronic estimating system that not only produces quotes in minutes, but also produces them at four different price points. As a result, the company averages a 68% close ratio.

On the customer side, New View makes sure to have at least seven points of contact with customers from start to finish.

“It’s a constant follow up,” Maloney says. “But at no point are we saying, ‘Hey, you’re going to lose this deal.’ Instead, it’s, ‘Have we done enough for you? And is there anything else we can do?’ The sales cycle might take a little longer, but it’s more successful.”