The key to having a clean house is to clean out every crook and corner, including the windows. Having well maintained windows can do wonders to improve the appearance of your home.  Windows are  an extremely important part of a home.  They offer privacy and security, while giving you the luxury to play with the amount of light entering the house. Sometimes the changing temperatures can affect the windows and result in wear and tear. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the windows of your home:

Inspect Regularly
Make sure that you inspect all the windows regularly.
• Use a metal probe in order to look for sign of rot that may have happened due to moisture infiltration.
•  You should look for signs of moisture or fogged glass which could indicate seal failure.
• Frames that appear to be warped or brittle that generally happens due to sun exposure.
• Look at the condition of the weather stripping and if you feel that it has worn out, consider replacing it.
• Gaps between the wall and the window casing and if you see any, fill it with latex caulk.

Keep it Sealed
It is important that you look for  gaps between the window panes, in order to see if the rubber seals are intact or not. If you see a worn-out seal,  have it changed.  In addition to this, look for splinters, cracks, and holes. If you see any, get them changed.

Clean the Windows Regularly
You need to remove the dust and dirt from the windows to clean them. It is recommended that you clean the outside of the windows with a damp cloth in order to get rid of grime. However, make sure that you don’t use a lot of water, especially if you have wooden windows because it can cause them to rot.
One of the best ways to clean the windows that have vinyl and aluminum frames is to wash them with a detergent based concoction and a hard-bristled brush. Make sure that you use a glass cleaner for the glass, so that they can be sparkly clean.

Repaint Wood Windows
You can repaint wood windows in order to add an extra layer of protection against rot and other  foreign elements. It is recommended that you paint wood windows every 5 years in order to protect  against the harsh weather.

Replace Damaged Parts
Replace the damaged parts as soon as possible in order to keep your house safe and to save on energy costs.
So, these are some of the tips you can use to clean and maintain your windows.