There are many people that upgrade or modify the existing look of their homes at least once every year or, renovating to better enhance their home design. Often times, they work in coordination with interior designers or contractors to get the best result, but this can be  costly.
One of the best ways to upgrade your current home design is to change the windows and the doors of the home. Doing so can really help to turn around the current look rather than renovating the whole house itself. However, this can be rather tricky due to the fact that if you don’t pick windows and doors that suits your home, then not only will it be a waste of time but a waste of a lot of money too.
Here are some things you should know to help you decide which windows and doors will suit the current look of your house best:
Choose a Style that Matches Your Interior
Often times, people walk into a store that sells doors and windows and just pick the ones that they think are pretty to look at. However, when they actually place the doors and windows in their homes, the rest of the interior tends to look extremely odd as does the overall look. Therefore, don’t choose styles just because they’re modern and hip, but try to picture the door or window with the rest of your interior. You’ll get the best results this way.
The Accent Colors Should Be On Point
You must already know that while choosing the ideal door and window for your home, you must pay close attention to the style, shape and texture as well. However, many people tend to overlook the importance of the accent colors. The importance of accent colors in home design is significantly high, but it is also one of the most difficult things to do. You can also seek inspiration from experts or from within your own neighborhood to get an idea.
Ensure that the Windows Complement the Door
Needless to say, if you really want the interior of your house to appear classy and formal, then you have to make sure that the colors are well thought out. Many people make the mistake of choosing a color for their window but choosing an entirely different color for their door, and as a result this doesn’t look either classy or formal. Make sure that the color palette you’re working with balances out the tone of the window and of the door as well.
Feng Shui
In case you’re highly troubled and can’t decide how and where to place the doors and the windows, you can obtain some serious inspiration from the Japanese. In Japanese culture, the placement of the doors and windows as well as the color is so important that they have a whole system for it. It’s called ‘Feng Shui’. Feng Shui is excellent for the purpose of guiding you towards positivity by improving your home design. Everything you need to know from the orientation of the doors to the windows to the style to the color – Feng Shui will guide you.