Why should you choose a Phantom screen door? For starters, the company is only focused on retractable screens. That would mean their products are top-notch. Why else would they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their parts? They are also the largest authorized distributor network in North America. Enough talk about the company. What about the Phantom screen door? Is it useful?


What are the advantages of using Phantom screen doors?


  • Long lasting

Extruded aluminum and fiberglass or polyester mesh are the materials used to make the screens. These elements are durable. There are loads of quality control steps that take place during the manufacturing process. The screens are made by hand and the workers are extremely skilled. Random screens are taken from the manufacturing process and tested to make sure they meet the high-quality standards. The tests are done for operation and durability. The company is so confident of their work that they are offering a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Minimal cleaning

If the screens are not in use, they retract and stay in their housings, usually during the cold and wet months. Cleaning becomes minimal and it is recommended by the company to clean the screens once or twice a season to remove any residual dust in the mesh. You only need to clean it in Spring and Autumn. It is easy to clean also. All you need is a mild detergent and water to wipe clean.

  • More privacy

You do not have to worry about your neighbors taking a peek into your room. In fact, you will have complete privacy if you use a Phantom screen door. They offer various mesh sizes which can have varying degrees of visibility. The screens also disappear when they aren’t required. You can have an unobstructed view whenever you want.

  • Stop bugs from entering

Using a Phantom screen door will improve ventilation. One of the differences between a window and a Phantom screen door is the mesh. The mesh does many things and one thing it is extremely efficient is, keeping bugs out of your house. How convenient is that? You can leave your door ‘open’ and there won’t be any minute living organism getting through the door. You can always breathe fresh air and not worry about a thing.

  • Temperature control

One of the main reasons for opting for a Phantom screen door is its efficiency in cooling the structure it is installed in. It controls the amount of sunlight that is allowed to enter the house. The retractable screens reduce the heat gain from the sun inside your house, decreasing the energy costs for cooling.

  • Easy to repair

At times, you can’t stop an accident from happening. That might sound bad for a normal screen but with a Phantom screen door, you can easily replace most of the parts which got damaged by the accident. What’s the best part? With the mesh being the exception, the remaining parts of the screen door are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

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