With many people being able to easily buy advertising on Google, Facebook, and other media sources it might be hard to find a reliable contractor. We will be going over a few ways to find a few contractors that are worthy to remodel your home.

Know Your Code

Call the city building department and find out what are the requirements to get your work done. Knowing the legal requirements will help you recognize who is a great contractor and who is just a handyman with limited experience. Only hire contractors who will adhere to the building code when doing any work on your home.

Get References

Talk to your friends and neighbors who have gotten work done that you are looking to do. They will be able to tell you things that you wouldn’t even think of unless you have gone through it before. They can tell you what contractors to look into and what contractors to avoid.

Ratings and Reviews

Look up everything you can about the contractors to make sure that a majority of people had a good experience with this same company.  There are many places where you can find ratings and reviews for contractors.

  • Business Directories (Angies List, Yelp, Superpages, Yellow Pages, ect)
  • BBB
  • Facebook
  • Testimonials
  • Google Search

Each one of these can tell you a little more about the company and how they treat their customers before, during and, after the project. Also don’t rule out a contractor for one bad review in a flood of good reviews.


Most home owners usually see this part as the quote but this is a good chance to get to know each contractor. Price and budget is always a concern and a good contractor will understand this and work with you but don’t sacrifice quality for a lower price.  The lowest priced contractor doesn’t mean that they are the best. The lowest bidder could be using substandard material or taking some risky shortcuts. Ask the contractor questions about the installation process and the type of product they will be installing your home. Make sure you’re happy with their answers.  Also you will want to ask about their experience in the industry and if they have any references.  A good contractor will be happy to answer all of your questions and offer an opportunity to inspect their work.


A reputable contractor will offer you a warranty on his or her work. Do not hire any contractor that is not willing to provide any type of warranty on the work done.

Licensed, Insured and a Place of Business

Make sure that the contractor has a business license and is most importantly insured. If they are licensed you know that they have passed the governments tests and reviews. The insurance protects you from any accidents on the job. A Place of business rather than just a P.O. box ensures that you can find the contractor after the job is complete.  Don’t take a chance giving your money to someone that can vanish as quickly as they arrived.   If the contractor is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) make sure you check their complaints and concerns and how they responded.

By following these steps you can find a quality contractor who you can count on.

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