Get your home ready for Fall

It’s that time of year again where the temperatures are getting lower, leaves are changing colors, and we are losing some daylight. To avoid costly repairs during the rest of the year here are some parts of your house you should check.

1.Roof  & Gutters

Your roof is your first defense from the rain, snow, and ice if it doesn’t function the right way, there will be water damage. Check for missing or loose shingles and remove any debris. Clear leaves, pine needles, and any other debris from your gutters and examine the downspouts for damage.

2. Exterior Foundation & Walls

Check your foundation, exterior brickwork, and peeling paint for any gaps, cracks, or chips. Peeling paint means that existing paint can no longer protect your siding. If left untreated it will become a costly fix in the future.

If painting your home is undesirable you may consider installing maintenance free siding. The added insulation and energy savings will pay for the project over time. It’s an investment that can help your home year round.

 3. Inspect Doors & Windows

Make sure that that there are no drafts around any of your windows or doors. Drafty doors and windows can raise your utility bill as the temperature drops, but with some maintenance, you can keep your house energy efficient. Make sure that your windows and doors closes properly and check if there are any gaps in the weather stripping. Also replace all of your screens with storm windows.

If the problem isn’t fixable, replacing your doors and/or windows is another great investment for future savings.

4. Other

Also remember to drain and store your outdoor hoses, make sure your heating system is working properly, and test all smoke, carbon monoxide, and security alarms, and replace the batteries.

If you need help geting your home ready for fall, call us at (201) 858-1511!

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